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ASH Guideline for RBC Transfusion


The Guideline The development of clinical practice guidelines for RBC transfusion has been challenged by a limited availability of high-quanlity evidence to support practice recommendations. There is general agreement that RBC transfusion is typically not indicated for hemoglobin (Hgb) levels of >10 g/dL and that transfusion of RBCs should be considered when Hb is <7 […]

Control of the Circulating RAAS


The activity of the circulating RAAS is governed by the amount of renin secreted by the granular cells of the jg (juxtaglomerular) apparatus. There are 3 major controllers of renin secretion. PS: Look at the RAAS, plasma angiotensinogen is synthesized in the liver and plasma angiotensinogen levels are normally high therefore do not limit the production […]

Arteriolar Tone and Its Regulation (Local Mechanisms)


I.Arteriolar Tone A.Basal tone B.ANS C.Adrenal Glands D.Local 1.Metabolic substances 2.Endothelial cells secretion 3.Other local chemical influences 4.Transmural pressure (myogenic response) II.Venous Tone A.Basal tone (little) B.ANS C.Adrenal glands D.Internal pressure (recall deltaV/deltaP = C) E.External compression (muscle pump) Because the body's needs are continually changing, the cardiovascular system must continually make adjustments in the diameter […]