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The Management of Multiple Myeloma in Younger Patients


Therapy for multiple myeloma (MM) has advanced with gratifying speed over the past 5 to 7 years and with this progress, a degree of uncertainty has arisen about optimal approaches to therapy, particularly in the newly diagnosed patients. Indeed, using mordern therapeutic strategies, living with MM for a decade or longer has now become a […]

Complications of The Care of Multiple Myeloma


As a clinical pharmacist you should always know the adverse effect of the pharmacotherapy. That is why we are trained again and again. That is we are educated for. This is more important for oncology pharmacists because the chemotherapy always is relevant to adverse reactions which are commonly grade 3/4. Last post we talked about […]

Current Standards of The Care of Multiple Myeloma


Introduction to Multiple Myeloma As a clinical pharmacist, you should always know the pharmacotherapy information. Recent days I read some articles about multiple myeloma. Today we’re going to talk about the standards care of multiple myeloma. Think this information will benefits all pharmacists around the world. OK, let’s get start. Multiple myeloma (MM) is characterized […]

Systemic Therapy for Bone Metastases


Accelerated bone loss in patients with cancer is a frequent problem that may result from [1]invasion of the cancer to bone, [2]paraneoplastic tumor proteins, and/or [3]hormonal therapies utilized for cancer treatment. Invasion of the cancer to bone; Paraneoplastic tumor proteins; Hormonal therapies utilized for cancer treatmen. Invasion of cancer to bone is common complication in […]

Recent Advances in Multiple Myeloma Therapy


Lenalidomide Maintenance in Elderly Patients? Alway lenalidomide maintenance therayp is not approved, but researchers now have the final results of the melphalan, prednisone, and lenalidomide followed by lenalidomide maintenance study. According to their study, this will probably translate into routine practice in the next year because it is probable that this therapy will be approved […]