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Biochemical Assessment of Nutrition Status – Protein Assessment


Protein Assessment Protein's unique function in supporting cellular growth and development elevates its significance in nutrition assessment. Even though a large amout of protein is stored in muscle and viscera, the body strives to protect it from being used as an energy source. Under healthy conditions or normal energy deficits, additional energy is drawn from […]

Residents Series – Inflammatory Shock Syndromes


Definitions and Impactions SIRS/Systemic inflammatory response syndrome is a condition that is characterized by signs of systemic inflammation (e.g., fever, leukocytosis). The diagnosis of SIRS requires at least 2 of the following: 1.Temperature >38 C or <36 C 2.Heart rate >90 beats/min 3.Respiratory rate >20 breaths/min, or arterial PCO2 <32 mm Hg 4.WBC count >12,000/mm3 […]

Inflammation – The Beginning and Ongoing


Inflammation is a response of vascularized tissues to infections, foreign invaders, and damaged tissues that brings cells and molecules of host defines from the circulation to the sites where they are needed, in order to eliminate the offending agents. Inflammation generally is a defensive response that is essential for survival, where mediators of this response […]