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Pressure-Volume Relationships in the Respiratory System


The relationship between changes in the pressure distending the alveoli and (transmural pressure) changes in the lung volume is important to understand because it dictates how easily the lung inflates with each breath. The alveolar-distending pressure is often referred to as the transpulmonary pressure. Strictly speaking, the transpulmonary pressure is equal to the pressure in the […]

Mean Circulatory Filling Pressure and CVP


Mean Circulatory Filling Pressure Imagine the heart arrested in diastole with no flow around the circuit. It will take a certain amount of blood just to fill the anatomical space contained by the systemic system without stretching any of its walls or developing any internal pressure. This amount is 3.56 L. Normally, however, the systemic […]

Vascular Resistances and Compliance, MAP and Pulse Pressure


Resistances In A Single Organ In an organ, the consecutive vascular segments are arranged in series within an organ. Therefore, the overall vascular resistance of the organ must equal the sum of the resistances of its consecutive vascular segments, Because arterioles have a large vascular resistance in comparison to the other vascular segments (see above), […]