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Afterload and Its Components


Afterload Also see information about afteroad in Pharmacy Profession Forum at Afterload in the intact heart reflects the resistance that the ventricle must overcome to empty its contents. It is more formally defined as the ventricular wall stress that develops during systolic ejection. Wall stress (σ), like pressure, is expressed as force per unit area […]

The Management of Hypertension (Pathophysiologic Basises)


Hypertension is a common diseases and is defined as persistently elevated arterial blood pressure of >= 140/90 mm Hg. Most of patients belong to essential hypertension and a small percentage belong to secondary hypertension for which the most common causes include renal dysfunction resulting from severe chronic kidney disease (CKD) or renovascular disease. Besides, certain […]

Vascular Resistances and Compliance, MAP and Pulse Pressure


Resistances In A Single Organ In an organ, the consecutive vascular segments are arranged in series within an organ. Therefore, the overall vascular resistance of the organ must equal the sum of the resistances of its consecutive vascular segments, Because arterioles have a large vascular resistance in comparison to the other vascular segments (see above), […]