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Factors That Alter Clearance


Body Surface Area (BSA) Most literature values for clearance are expressed as volume/kg/time or as volume/70 kg/time. There is some evidence, however, that drug clearance is best adjusted on the basis of BSA rather than weight. The patient’s BSA can be obtained from a nomogram, estimated from below: BSA in m2 = [(Patient’s Weight in […]

Creatinine Clearance Estimation – Steady State


Different from most drug administration regimens, creatinine is constantly produced and released into plasma by the body muscle mass. Because many drugs are partially or totally eliminated by the kidney, an accurate estimation of renal function is an important component in the application of pharmacokinetics to designing drug therapy regimens. Creatinine clearance as determined by […]

Pharmacokinetics Series – Clearance and Maintenance Dose


Clearance and Maintenance Dose Clearance can be thought of as the intrinsic ability of the body or its organs of elimination (usually the kidneys and the liver) to remove drug from the blood or plasma. Clearance is expressed as a volume per unit of time. It is important to emphasise that clearance is not an […]

Adjust chemo dose in obese cancer patients


April 3, 2012 — Many obese patients are not receiving optimal doses of chemotherapy because oncologists are calculating doses on the basis of ideal body weight instead of actual body weight. This could compromise survival in the curative setting, say experts who have drawn up new guidelines for the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO). […]