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Regulation of Water Excretion


Water excretion, as with sodium excretion, is regulated in partnership with the CV system. Central goals in regulating both salt and water excretion are to: 1).preserve vascular volume and 2).maintain plasma osmolality at a level that is healthy for tissue cells. The main regulators of water excretion, not surprisingly, relate to osmolality and volume. Quantitatively, […]

Effect of Respiratory Activity on Circulation


The physical processes associated with inhaling air into and exhaling air out of the lungs can have major effects on venous return and cardiac output. During a normal inspiration, intrathoracic pressure falls from approximately negative 2 mm Hg to approximately negative 7 mm Hg as the diaphragm contracts and the chest wall expands. It rises […]

The Regulation of Circulation (Central Mechanisms)


In humans and other mammals, multiple cardiovascular regulatory mechanisms have evolved. These mechanisms increase or decrease the blood supply to active tissues and increase or decrease heat loss from the body by redistributing the blood. In the face of challenges such as hemorrhage, they maintain the blood ¬†flow to the heart and brain. When the […]