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Hemostasis Mechanism – Platelet Structure and Function


Platelet Granules and Organelles Platelets possess secretory granules and mechanisms for cargo release to amplify responses to stimuli and influence the surrounding environment. Platelet granule structures include 𝛼- and dense granules, lysosomes, and peroxisomes. 𝛼-Granules and the dense bodies are the main secretory granules that release cargo (e.g., fibrinogen and adenosine diphosphate [ADP]) upon platelet […]

Inflammation – The Beginning and Ongoing


Inflammation is a response of vascularized tissues to infections, foreign invaders, and damaged tissues that brings cells and molecules of host defines from the circulation to the sites where they are needed, in order to eliminate the offending agents. Inflammation generally is a defensive response that is essential for survival, where mediators of this response […]

Infectious Diseases – Sites of Infections and the Virulence


The topics of sites of infections and virulence are two fundamental content in the discipline of infectious diseases. As a pharmacist and clinician we have to read and understand them, which can direct our clinical practice at the right direction. Site of Infection The type of pathogen (the number of infectious agents absorbed by the […]