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North Korea celebrates for Kim il Sung soon after rocket launch failed


Three days ago – April 13 2012 – North Korea tried to launch a satellite but the rocket broke apart 81 seconds after its launch at 7:38 a.m., and the UN officials said “North Korea actions ‘deplorable’ “. Soon after North Korea held a celebration marking 100 years since the birth of the deceased General […]

Why Chinese patients abominate their angels


March 23, 2012 a sunny Friday. But the bright sunshine did not drive away the darkness enviroment between Chinese physicians and patients. A young intern phsician named Wang Hao was murdered by a 17-years age patients. Wang was trained to save others’ lifes, but he could not save the life of himself. The ┬áheavy news […]

Chinese physician murdered by a 17-years age patient


It was a black Friday on March 23, 2012, at the first affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University, about 17 pm. Four physicians of ┬áDept. Clinical Immunology were under attacked and one phsician died, three wounded. The murder is a Chinese young man aged 17 years. The physician be murdered named Wang Hao, who was […]

Chinese physicians go back on Hippocratic oath


Life changes in a heartbeat. The life God give to us is precious and when our lifes are threaten, health-care providers or teams play a important role in saving our lifes. In China, health-care professionals always compared to angel, the emissary of God. So Chinese physicians alway are thinked to be honest and selfless. But […]