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Category Archives: Pharmacy Education

The Plan to Future (ongoing updating)


The good news is that I got the offer to the master degree program of clinical pharmacy in China Pharmaceutical University. The university is a pharmacy university as a whole. In China there are lots of Medical Universities but only two the pharmacy universities exist in China – China Pharmaceutical University and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. […]

The Management of Dyslipidemia


Let's talk about ATP IV first, then we shall discuss how to detect, evaluate, and manage patients with lipid disorders. This thread is based on the latest clinical guideline (Circulation. 2014:S1-S45) for therapy of dyslipidemia to reduce atherosclerotic cardiovascular risk in adults (>21 years of age) and the guideline is based on the Full Panel […]

Make a provider and patient education for levothyroxine


Today I would like to write something about levothyroxine. My hospital uses levothyroxine often. Everyday there are lots of patients prescribed with levothyroxine. I do believe it is necessary to write below for education, which is not only for patients but also providers. The reference I use comes from U.S. FDA’s official drug information database. […]

A Whole New Pharmacy Profession Forum


Hi, everyone. I just built a whole new website recent couple of days. It’s named “Pharmacy Profession Forum”. The forum welcome pharmacist, residents, students, and anyone who is interested in the profession of pharmacy all over the world. Join us today, Pharmacy Profession Forum (

Top docs provide free online advice for rare leukemia


July 11, 2012 — Seven hematologists from leading cancer centers have volunteered to provide free medical advice to patients with myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs), a rare form of leukemia, and to their healthcare providers. The physicians have signed on with the online MPNforum Magazine, which is published monthly by an MPN patient collective. They offer help […]