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Category Archives: Molecular Biology

Inherited Variation and Polymorphism in DNA


The original Human Genome Project and the subsequent study of now many thousands of individuals worldwide have provided a vast amount of DNA sequence information. With this information in hand, one can begin to characterize the types and frequencies of polymorphic variation found in the human genome and to generate catalogues of human DNA sequence […]

[Clinical Art][Physiology] Iron Physiology


Global Iron Homeostasis Under normal conditions, dietary iron is usually 15-25 mg daily, of which 5%-10% (1-2 mg) is absorbed through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract and the same amount lost by desquanmation of GI epithelial cells, epidermal cells of the skin, and, in menstruating women, red bood cells. The average total body content of iron […]

[Physiology][Hematology] Coagulation Factors, Anticoagulation Factors, and Pathways of Hemostasis and Thrombosis


The role of surfaces in coagulation and coagulation inhibition and fibrinolysis Functionally, the relationship between clotting and surface is striking. For a process that is typically termed humoral, most of the coagulation reactions take place on biologic surfaces. The presence of a phospholipid surface increases the rate of activation of prothrombin by several orders of magnitude. […]