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Category Archives: Medical Nutrition

Biochemical Assessment of Nutrition Status – Immunocompetence and Hematological Assessment


Immunocompetence Assessment Historically, evaluation of immunocompetence has been included as a part of any discussion of protein and nutrition assessment. This is logical, since adequate and appropriate immune function is dependent in part on adequate protein status. Protein deficiency routinely results in increased risk of infection as well as altered immune and inflammatory responses. But […]

Biochemical Assessment of Nutrition Status – Protein Assessment


Protein Assessment Protein's unique function in supporting cellular growth and development elevates its significance in nutrition assessment. Even though a large amout of protein is stored in muscle and viscera, the body strives to protect it from being used as an energy source. Under healthy conditions or normal energy deficits, additional energy is drawn from […]

Estimate the Energy Requirements


The total amount of energy required by an individual is the sum of three basic components: basal energy expenditure (BEE) or basal metabolic rate (BMR) + energy for physical activity or exercise (PA) + thermic effect of food (TEF) 5 total energy expenditure (TEE). Basal energy expenditure is de ned as energy used for physiological functions that […]