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Category Archives: Drug Informatics

Drug Interactions to Warfarin


Drugs may interact with warfarin sodium through pharmacodynamic or pharmacokinetic mechanisms. Pharmacodynamic mechanisms for drug interactions with warfarin sodium are synergism (impaired hemostasis, reduced clotting factor synthesis), competitive antagonism (vitamin K), and alteration of the physiologic control loop for vitamin K metabolism (hereditary resistance). Pharmacokinetic mechanisms for drug interactions with warfarin sodium are mainly enzyme […]

Make a provider and patient education for levothyroxine


Today I would like to write something about levothyroxine. My hospital uses levothyroxine often. Everyday there are lots of patients prescribed with levothyroxine. I do believe it is necessary to write below for education, which is not only for patients but also providers. The reference I use comes from U.S. FDA’s official drug information database. […]

Quizartinib: Surprising, Unprecedented Activity in Relapsed AML


ATLANTA, Georgia — The investigational agent quizartinib (Astellas/Ambit) has shown unprecedented activity in patients with relapsed and refractory acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in a phase 2 clinical trial. On the basis of these results, larger phase 3 clinical trials with the drug are being planned, according to Astellas/Ambit. Patients with AML can develop many different […]

Management of Gout (Medications)


Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory Drugs NSAIDs are the drugs of choice in most patients with acute gout who do not have underlying health problems. However, aspirin should not be used because it can alter uric acid levels and potentially prolong and intensify an acute attack. Avoid NSAIDs in patients who have a history of peptic ulcer disease […]

Systemic Therapy for Bone Metastases


Accelerated bone loss in patients with cancer is a frequent problem that may result from [1]invasion of the cancer to bone, [2]paraneoplastic tumor proteins, and/or [3]hormonal therapies utilized for cancer treatment. Invasion of the cancer to bone; Paraneoplastic tumor proteins; Hormonal therapies utilized for cancer treatmen. Invasion of cancer to bone is common complication in […]