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Monthly Archives: August 2017

Statistic Procedures – Hypothesis Tests for One Population Mean


We often use inferential statistics to make decision or judgments about the value of a parameter, such as a population mean. One of the most commonly used methods for making such decisions or judgements is to perform a hypothesis test. A hypothesis is a statement taht something is true. Typically, a hypothesis test involves two […]

Statistic Procedures – Confidence Interval


Confidence Intervals for One Population Mean A common problem in statistics is to obtain information about the mean, μ, of a population. One way to obtain information about a population mean μ without taking a census is to estimate it by a sample mean x(bar). So, a point estimate of a parameter is the value of a […]

Inherited Variation and Polymorphism in DNA


The original Human Genome Project and the subsequent study of now many thousands of individuals worldwide have provided a vast amount of DNA sequence information. With this information in hand, one can begin to characterize the types and frequencies of polymorphic variation found in the human genome and to generate catalogues of human DNA sequence […]