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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Evaluate The Article About Therapy (Randomized Trials)


Section 1 How Serious Is The Risk of Bias? Did Intervention and Control Groups Start With The Same Prognosis? Consider the question of whether hospital care prolongs life. A study finds that more sick people die in the hospital than in the community. We would easily reject the naive conclusion that hospital care kills people […]

Biopharmaceutics – Methods For Accessing Bioavailability


Direct and indirect methods may be used to assess drug bioavailability. The in vivo bioavailability of a drug product is demonstrated by the rate and extent of drug absorption, as determined by comparsion of measured parameters, e.g., concentration of the active drug ingredient in the blood, cumulative urinary excretion rates, or pharmacological effects. For drug […]

Biopharmaceutics – To Predict Bioavailability Using Physicochemical Properties


Key Points Absorption Rate/Absorption Time vs. Dissolution Rate/Dissolution Time Absorbed (percent) at time T vs. Dissolved (percent) at time t Cmax vs. Dissolved (percent) at time t Serum Concentration vs. Dissolved (percent) at time t An important goal during the development of a new drug product is to find a relationship between an in vitro […]