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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Arteriolar Tone and Its Regulation (Local Mechanisms)


I.Arteriolar Tone A.Basal tone B.ANS C.Adrenal Glands D.Local 1.Metabolic substances 2.Endothelial cells secretion 3.Other local chemical influences 4.Transmural pressure (myogenic response) II.Venous Tone A.Basal tone (little) B.ANS C.Adrenal glands D.Internal pressure (recall deltaV/deltaP = C) E.External compression (muscle pump) Because the body's needs are continually changing, the cardiovascular system must continually make adjustments in the diameter […]

Vascular Resistances and Compliance, MAP and Pulse Pressure


Resistances In A Single Organ In an organ, the consecutive vascular segments are arranged in series within an organ. Therefore, the overall vascular resistance of the organ must equal the sum of the resistances of its consecutive vascular segments, Because arterioles have a large vascular resistance in comparison to the other vascular segments (see above), […]

The Theories and the Risk Factors for Urinary Stones


    I would like to dedicate this thread to my dad, Cheney Hsiung, who devote his life to my mom, myself, and his many students over the years at 49th Middle School in Chengdu, Sichuan.     Mineralization in all biologic systems has a common theme in that the crystals and matrix are intertwined. […]

Transcapillary Transport


One of the primary functions of capillary is to provide exchanges, so that oxygen and nutrients could be provided to tissues while carbon dioxide and wastes could be taken away from tissues. Other functions that capillary plays include innate and adaptive immune where leukocytes and other cells could recruit to the site of infection/inflammation, hemostasis […]