552519_10150623880396074_321083388_nThe good news is that I got the offer to the master degree program of clinical pharmacy in China Pharmaceutical University. The university is a pharmacy university as a whole. In China there are lots of Medical Universities but only two the pharmacy universities exist in China – China Pharmaceutical University and Shenyang Pharmaceutical University. It is apparent that the China Pharmaceutical University is one of the most top pharmacy schools in China. The master degree of clinical pharmacy just began in two or three of years ago, which is a professional degree program. Within the program of Master Degree of Clinical Pharmacy two direction are there, including direction of Hospital Pharmacy and direction of Clinical Trial. I was so lucky that I was distributed to the direction of Hospital Pharmacy, the last one person (29th). OK, you must know that I quitted my job to participate the Graduate School Admission Exam 2015. Therefore if I failed the exam, I both lost my job and the chance to graduate school.

Now I tell myself that the affair to get the offer to graduate school has ended and I must have a plan for next three years. So now I sit in front of my hackintosh to think the future plans. The nearest plan in my brain is that I should get the TOEFL done with a score as enough as NABP (National Association of Boards of Pharamcy) requires. NABP requires the TOEFL should be as minimal as 93 in total to meet the preretirement of foreign pharmacist license certification. Yes, as what I just said it’s obvious that I am interested in U.S. Pharmacist license and I want to become a U.S. licensed pharmacist. The detail schedule for TOEFL has not been determined but I think I should get it done during the three years of study. I wrote a letter to NABP to consult for the license program for foreign pharmacists and I am wait for their reply. I remembered that I shipped the mail on about April 20th 2015. It would take about 20 days to reach NABP.

So in summary my primer plan til now is that I should get the TOEFL down with a minimal score as enough as NABP requires. I will update this thread in future while the future plan gets more detail in my mind.

Update on 11:18pm May 7th 2015

Just a minute ago I notice that the “phonics” is a good way to improve my oral English. Therefore during the last time before the September I should master the way of phonics to improve my English.

Update on 10:57pm May 22nd 2015

There are so many textbooks to read but the time is not very enough for me. So I shall focus on my major disciplines that include critical care, infectious diseases, and hematology. Time is limited, so efficacy of learning is important.

Update on 5:38pm May 24th 2015

I just took Nancy and Van’s suggestion to improve oral English by watching TED videos. That’s go great, though most of the time I must watch the subtle. However, it is a good start. I think great improvement needs a period of time to accumulate. I will keep on.