The deceased intern Wang Hao.

It was a black Friday on March 23, 2012, at the first affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University, about 17 pm. Four physicians of  Dept. Clinical Immunology were under attacked and one phsician died, three wounded. The murder is a Chinese young man aged 17 years.

The physician be murdered named Wang Hao, who was 28 years age. He was an intern physician in the hospital. The mortal wound on his chest by a fruite knife caused his death. According to Wang’s colleagues, he was a nice young man who was handsome, optimistic and pleased to helping others. His academic records always were A, and he won many prizes when in school.

Just before this incident Wang received the offer from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and he was going to pursue his Ph.D study in the university.

Now the murder has been arrested, who is a 17 years age patient. The intention why he murdered Wang is that he thought the physicians did not take care of him enough. The murder is a patient who suffers both ankylosing spondylitis and tuberculosis.

As all we know, ankylosing spondylitis is a disease caused by immune system disorders, so the therapeutic strategies commonly include immunosuppressive agents such as cortisol, methotrexate and so on. But the murder also suffers tuberculosis which is a infectious disease because of the dysfunction of immune system.

So the physicans told the 17 years age child to treat tuberculosis first, after that when the tuberculosis is cure , we will start to treat the ankylosing spondylitis. What the physicians said is true and understandable and all other physicians will adopt this strategy as what Wang and his colleagues have done. But the young patient and murder did not understood this. He just believed Wang and his colleagues did not care enough about him.

So 17 pm, March 23, 2012 at the first affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University, the young murder bought a fruite knife near the hospital then turned back to the ward of Dept. Clinical Immunology and raided Wang and other three physicians. Unfortunately, the intern physician named Wang Hao lost his life. It was a black Friday for the physicians in the first affiliated hospital of Harbin Medical University.